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Panorama Collection

Merging colors and geometry the Panorama Collection unite Brazilian architecture, translating the Modern Period through the colors, curves and facets of the gemstones and delicate angles crafted in gold.
Panorama, a contemporaneous translation of modern style.

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Earrings, Y1246PRM.E12 Yellow Gold, Amethyst, Prasiolite and Diamonds

Rings, Y1246AMT.R5 Yellow Gold, Amethyst and Diamonds

Earrings, Y1246PRS.R6 Yellow Gold, Amethyst and Diamond

Ring, Y1246PRS.R6 Yellow Gold, Prasiolite and Diamonds

Yellow Gold Necklace, Amethyst, Prasiolite and Diamonds

Earrings, Y1246CIT.E9 Yellow Gold, Citrine and Diamonds

Necklace, R1246CAR.N6 Rose Gold, Rose Chalcedony and Diamonds

Ring, White Gold, Blue Chalcedony and Diamonds

Necklace, White Gold, Blue Chalcedony and Diamonds