18k Pensée Bracelet - White Opal Quartz / YG (medium)

18k Pensée Bracelet - White Opal Quartz / YG (medium)


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The amazing variety and symbolism of the Pansy Flower was the inspiration for Vianna Brasil to create the Pensée Collection, a delicate and colorful line.
Derived from the French word Pensée (thought) the Pansy flowers were grown for the first time in Europe and were given to loved ones so that they would think about who gave them.

  • 18K Yellow Gold Bracelet - 2.5 grs
  • 3 White Opal Quartz - 6.60 ct
  • 1 Round Diamond - 0.020 ct
  • Diamond Measurement - 1 mm
  • White Opal Quartz measurement - 10x7.5mm
  • Closure: Adjustable cord